About Us

Ujaan Group aims to bring the life and culture of the Northern part of West Bengal, and the entire North East India, to the world. This social venture aspires to become a window to the North East, enabling the whole world to experience the tourism, history, literature, geography, culture, emotions, religion, cuisine, and all possible facets of life at this part of India. The eastern wing of India is a hotbed of cultural & ecological treasures that are yet to be explored, broadcasted and made popular on a national basis.

Ujaan also aims at offering its creative & managerial services to people in and around Siliguri. With widely established contacts and an adept team of creative individuals, we help you establish a well-pronounced brand in any sector of the economy. Our managers brighten up your events with utmost professional finesse, helping you organize a wide range of social, corporate as well as religious events. Ujaan Radio aims to showcase the myriad facets of a diverse region that is still a mystery to the general public. Through Ujaan, rich & informative content about the North East is presented to you in the most creative fashion, with the help of a versatile online platform.

Our prime mission is to promote North Bengal to a bigger stage, through valuable audio & visual content, creative services and create a memorable user experience.