Ujaan Trust is a Non-Government Welfare Organization that works towards the upliftment of the backward classes of the society and the underprivileged population, who have very minimum or zero access to the basic necessities of life like housing, clothing, healthcare and nourishing food. We firmly stand against the exploitation of the women & children as laborers who are over-exploited and underpaid. We also strive to educate the poor masses with their basic fundamental rights, like the right to equal wage.

Our main objectives are –

  • To educate the general masses regarding the need to indulge in charity.
  • To make sure every individual enjoys access to the basic fundamental rights.
  • To help the needy get access to proper healthcare.
  • To make an attempt to raise the general living standards of the poor.
  • To educate the underprivileged with basic communication skills.
  • To help them secure a brighter future in the times to come so that a lasting impression of our efforts stay with them.